It aims at technological innovation

The constant technological renewal of Mollificio Mantovano is rooted in the assumption that innovating is the true engine of business competitiveness both in the bee and in the long run. In recent years, systematic investments led Mollificio Mantovano to equip itself with a series of machines that can meet all the needs of its customers, guaranteeing high quality standards.

Industry 4.0 supported this process; the smart factory concept strongly pushed the company towards an improvement not only in terms of technology, but also in operational management. Inside any production department, machines such as Simplex and OMD wrapping machines, Wafios twisting machines, Bihler and WST Koradi bending machines, Kamatech and OMD grinders are used. All thermal treatments are internally carried out.

Internal tooling

The company know-how is at the customer's disposal. It designs and builds all the equipment and dies for its production in-house.

The company tooling consists of 3D programs for the design and Cad/Cam Software connected to its CNC machining centres, wire EDM, Grinding, Milling and Lathes allowing us to optimize production times and costs to the benefit of the customer.

<h2>Internal tooling</h2>
<h2>The dies</h2>

The dies

All the dies, after an accurate test, are used for the production of belt springs, on Bihler and WST Koradi bending machines.

The tooling also undergoes scheduled maintenance to offer the customer the best guarantee of quality and efficiency over time.

An automated warehouse for storing and storing all the dies is available as well.